ResDiary Pre-Orders let you collect customer menu choices before they arrive at your venue. If you aren't already signed up to Pre-Orders, please do so here.

To set up Pre-Orders, follow the steps below by clicking on the steps. The same information is also contained within the short video below.

Step 1 - Dietary Markers and Cooking Modifiers

Step 2 - Create and Edit your Menu Items

Step 3 - Creating your Menus

Step 4 - Send out your Menus

(To send a menu it must be attached to a promotion) 

- Promote - promotions  - For details of how to create Promotions click here.

- Choose the appropriate promotion. (eg: Large Party Bookings) 

- Go to the Menus Tab

- Choose the correct menu from the dropdown 

- This will automatically be triggered when this promotion is booked & the customer will automatically receive an email with their promotion attached 

Step 5 - Track Your Pre-Orders

- Click on the booking & the Pre-Order status will appear 

- You can also click on View Pre-Order and see how many of the orders have been placed