Different Diary Views

There are 3 ways to view your Diary:

 Grid View

 Table Plan View

 Running Order

Grid View 

 This is our default view, it provides the most condensed amount of information of your bookings for the day.

Table Plan View

Our Table Plan View has been special designed to allow you to:

  • Make and manage bookings across time in the same ways as our diary view
  • Seat & greet guests in a professional manner
  • Communicate across separate terminals so that your host have maximum visibility of what is happening on the restaurant floor so that they can make informed decisions concerning 'wait times for tables' and 'seating walk ins' 

For in-depth view into the Table Plan View follow this link


Running Order View

Purpose: To see details of your bookings for the coming day

The Running Order report settings can be tweaked to show exactly what is relevant to your operations. 

You can edit this in Settings > Report Settings (here's an article about this setting).




  • You can edit bookings from this screen simply by clicking on the booking
  • If you use bookings codes they will appear with the Table numbers
  • VIPS will appear in Red regardless if the VIP column shows or not

See this topic for more information on the Running Order View.