Although your opening and closing hours are usually set up in training, things change. If you need to update your opening hours or vary them by days of the week, here's how: 

Please Note: If you are changing your whole operations, (ie. table layouts, yield changes, etc) you might need a new segment. Find out more about segments here. 

1. Set your earliest/latest hours in Services

 Go to Settings - Table Management - Services

  • Edit the service you need to extend using
  • In the service tab section, edit the From, Until, and Last Booking Time
  • Start with your earliest and latest possible opening hours, regardless if they don't apply to all days. 
  • For example:  if you're open at 9am on a Sunday, start your service at that time, even if you open later every other day. 
  • The same applies to Last Booking Time 
  • Until time is the last booking time plus your longest average time rule.
    For example, the last booking time is 22:00 and your average time is 2 hours, so the until time must be at least 00:00 to allow a booking to be made at 22:00 for 2 hours.
  • Press Save

2. Add close outs to vary by days of the week

You may open later on some days, or close later on others. 

This is achieved by adding recurring close outs (periods of time you do NOT want bookings) to the beginning and end of days when hours are shorter.  These are known as Periodic Close-Outs.

Adding Periodic Close-Outs

Go to Settings - Diary Configuration - Close Outs - Add New Period: 

The image below shows a recurring close out as an example where the venue closes Monday to Thursday between 15:00 and 17:00:

  • Name - for your reference only
  • Internal Description - again for your internal reference only
  • Message to Customers - a legacy field that can be left blank
  • Mode - set to Periodic
  • From - the date you want your new hours to apply from
  • Until - the date you’d like the new hours to end (if this is a permanent change, put this three years into the future)
  • Days of the week - select the days of the week with these shorter hours
  • Type - set to Common (will cover both internal and online)
  • Color - if these are your regular opening/ closing hours you’ll see this colour a lot, choose one you like!
  • Add Time Interval - set the time range when bookings are not available
  • Area - select all unless you have areas which open at different times (in this case you will need to create a close-out for each area)
  • Click Add to save the close-out

If you need to add other areas or times, from the main console, click Add New Period to repeat the process.  

3. Update Your Microsite

To ensure that your customers see these updated opening hours online, you'll need to update your own website, third parties, and your Dish Cult listing.

To update your Dish Cult go to Settings - Venue - Venue and Dish Cult listing details:

You should also make sure you update your opening hours anywhere else you have them listed online i.e. your own website and social media pages.