You can add a close-out which applies for one day only using the Close-out Management Console on the main Diary page.

  • These close-outs affect only the selected date in the diary
  • They allow you to close-out:
    • Entire areas
    • Entire services
    • Entire areas for individual services
    • Individual tables
    • Individual time-slots
  • Remove a close-out for the selected date only

Once a close-out is in place no new bookings can begin during that time period.  Bookings which begin before the close-out can still overlap with the closed time.  Please click here for more information on how this works

Open the Close-out Management Console

You can access the close-out console in two ways:

 Press the 'C' button on your keyboard.

 Click on the button on the top right hand side of the main diary screen.

Closing Out Entire Services/Area on the day

The top section of the close-out management console contains tick boxes which can be used to close-out entire areas, entire services and entire areas for specific services only.  In the example below the entire bar area is closed out as well as the entire breakfast service and the deck area is closed out for lunch.

 Make sure you click Save Changes once you're done!

Closing Out Entire Time Slots or Individual Tables on the day

From the close-out management console click the Close individual tables or time slots button to enter edit mode.  While in this mode you will see a red box at the top of the screen with an X to return to the regular diary. 

While in Edit Mode each time-slot has a tick box below it.  You can click the tick-box to close-out the entire restaurant for the corresponding time-slot only. 

Or you can close out individual tables by clicking the square in the diary which corresponds to the table and the time you would like the close-out to begin. 


Here,  once you click on the desired table you wish to close, for that table and that start time, you have the choice to: 


Close the table from the specified start time until the end of that service. 

Close the table from the specified start time until the of that calendar date. 

Close the table from the specified start time for a standard reservation duration as set up in your diary. 

Close the table from the specified start time until a specified end time for that date. 

Once completed press the 'X' on the  to exit the edit mode return to the normal diary view

Please click here to see a video here on how to access, use and save these options.  

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