Segments are tricky, here is a quick overview but feel free to reach out to for assistance creating your own.

Segments are used to change the set-up of your diary without it affecting your normal operations.

For example:

Valentine's Day - All my tables become 2s and there are 3 sittings

Summer Holidays - My outside terrace is available to book

Christmas Operations - My table joins are more flexible and I need to add more tables

By creating a new segment for these periods you can adjust the list below without it affecting normal operations or other segments

  • Tables
  • Table Rankings
  • Joins
  • Areas
  • Services
  • Rules

Table Management - How to create a new segment

As segments are built using dates this means before creating a new segment you must edit the current segment and remove the date or date range of the new segment as they cannot be placed on top of each other.

For example, You want to create a new segment for Valentine's day, your normal operations segment runs from 17/12/2017 to 31/12/2037, therefore, we need to edit the normal operations date range and remove 14/02/2023. 

Top Tip: Have a pen and paper handy to write down the dates you are adding and removing!

To do this go to settings - table management - segments - edit normal operations:

  • Write down the date range added to normal operations before deleting it from the diary (do not hit Save at this stage as this will cause all your bookings on the affected/temporarily deleted dates to unallocate)
  • Add back in the start date you wrote down and add the end date as the day before your new segment starts, press Add Date Range
  • Add another date range starting from the date after your new segments ends and add the end date as the until date you wrote down, press Add Date Range
  • Save

Using Valentines day 2023 as an example, the normal operations segment dates would be 17/12/17 - 13/02/2023 and 15/02/2023 - 31/12/2037

To create a new segment go to settings - table management - segments - create new:

  • Enter a name and a description. Make sure it's something you'll recognise in future if you want to use this type of setup again. (this will only be seen internally)
  • Select finite range
  • Enter the start and end date of your new segment (if this was Valentine's day it would 14/02/2023 - 14/02/2023)
  • Press Add Date Range
  • *If you receive an error refer back to the first step and check your dates are correct in the segment you edited*

    There is then a dropdown menu to 'Inherit Areas from' a similar/existing segment. Here you can copy the Areas, Services, Rules, Tables, Table Plan Views, Table Rankings and (Table) Joins from an existing segment. 

    If you don't inherit all the different settings from an existing segment you will need to create them all from scratch once the new segment is created.

  • In the dropdown menu select the segment you want to copy from
  • A list will appear, tick the boxes you want to copy, this runs is slightly funny order:
    • Tick Areas
    • Tick Services 
    • Tick Rules
    • Tick Tables
    • Tick Table Plan Views
    • Tick Table Rankings
    • Tick Joins
  • Save

Please note: Creating a new segment will cause existing bookings made on that date or date range to go unallocated, you may want to allocate the booking straight away or wait until you have made the necessary adjustments to the new segment set-up. To reallocate the booking go to the date/date range and re-allocate the bookings.

How to allocate bookings

You can now edit this segment set up to your specifications. See guides below: