Before You Begin

To activate the ResDiary Facebook & Instagram integration, and to take bookings via your social media business pages, you must have the following set up: You will not be able to complete the integration if one or more of the following are not present.

  • A Facebook/Meta business Suite account, and at least one social network - a Facebook business page, or Instagram business page. 
  • Confirm the user adding the button is an admin of the Facebook/Meta Business suite account. Learn more here.
  • The user must be an admin of the Facebook/ Instagram page that is being updated. Learn more here.
  • A Facebook tracking pixel. Learn more here.
  • The user must have 'Facebook Integration' enabled in their ResDiary user setup
    Go to Settings > Security and Permissions > User Management > Users > click "setup" and tick "Facebook Integration" under the "menu items" tab.
  • A valid listing on - complete with a description, opening Information, restaurant website, location (Longitude/ Latitude), and a restaurant thumbnail Image. Learn more here. 

Watch Video Guide

Written guide

Setting up the integration from the menu in your diary

Step 1

Go to Diary Configuration > click integration > Facebook/ Instagram.

If the 'Facebook/Instagram' is greyed out, go to User Management > Users > Setup > Menu Items to enable access.

Step 2

Click Connect with Facebook Button

Step 3

Redirected to Facebook authorisation page.

Confirm user account in Facebook.

This page will show up to confirm user access to Facebook


Step 4

Facebook will show an authorisation modal to seek venue’s permission. 

Click continue. 

Step 5

Facebook will show the next modal for selecting a Facebook pixel to track the action. 

Click Continue.

Step 6

Confirm settings modal will show up. 

At the page, user can select a few options and configure the settings accordingly. 


Press continue button to go to the next step.

Step 7

At this step, venue will have to choose the business page that they would like to activate.

Press continue and move on to the next step. 

Step 8

This page shows what ResDiary is able to do in terms of managing business extension. 

Step 9

Once venue press next on the previous step, Facebook will take a while to load. Usually this may take a couple of minutes. 

Step 10

Upon Facebook finish loading the integration, it will show you’re all set! modal. 

Step 11

The next step is to login to diary. 

Step 12

Upon logged in, a confirmation notification will show up. 

Step 13

Go to the business page on Facebook or Instagram that you have connected, and update your CTA button. The Reserve button will now be available from the dropdown options.




Step 14

When a diner clicks on the Reserve button on your social media business page, it will lead them to your Dish Cult listing, to complete their booking.

N.B The booking channel for Facebook or Instagram will display on the booking summary as Facebook(Reserve) or Instagram(Reserve). Please note, these channels are in addition to the pre-existing Facebook and Instagram channels. 

Channel management and promotion channel set up rules will apply. 

Please review which promotions you would like to show on the Facebook(Reserve) and Instagram(Reserve) channel.

Please review all channel management rules you may have in place for bookings made through Facebook and Instagram channels to ensure they are set up correctly for your operation. See guide here

Having difficulty connecting your Facebook and Instagram?