When Stripe is connected with your diary you can dictate that a deposit/payment is required to secure a booking above 'x' covers or for specific days or for a particular promotion allowing you to secure both large party and special event bookings.

Business Benefits

  • Protect your business from late cancellations and no shows
  • Card details are stored in a PCI-compliant manner
  • Secure bookings for special events and key dates
  • Set and communicate your cancellation and no-show policies in a clear manner
  • Alert users to cancellations.

How to set up deposits/payments

First, you will need to set up Stripe following this guide.

You can set up deposits in two ways

We advise setting up deposits using promotions to avoid conflict when more than one deposit is active. 

Top Top - There are 3 settings under deposit settings. DO NOT add a deposit to each one.

Settings up a deposit/payment for a certain number of covers

Via master setting - Go to settings - payments - deposits - press add:

  • Ensure status is 'Enabled'
  • Add a description to identify what this payment will be used for (this is for internal use only)
  • DO NOT assign to a promotion
  • Select the date range
  • Select whether you would like to apply to internal bookings too.
  • Select if the payment will be applied per cover or per booking
  • Click update

How to apply a value and other constraints to the deposit

The deposit will appear in the list of deposits however at this stage has no value added to it, click Edit next to the relevant deposit:

To assign the value to the deposit

  • Click Add in blue
  • Select the number of covers
  • From the drop-down select if it is for number of covers or less, or more or exactly
  • Add the value you wish to apply per person/per booking on each day of the week.  
  • Click Save

You can set varied deposits depending on the cover size by repeating the process above, the deposits will look like below:

How to apply a deposit/payment to a certain service

Alternatively, deposits can be applied to a specific service, again you can choose to apply per cover or per booking from step 1:

Top Tip - If adding a deposit to a service DO NOT add a deposit by number of covers in the middle section above.

Under vary deposits or payments in advance by services:

  • Select the service you want to apply the deposit to
  • Add the value into the text box
  • Save

 Once Once a payment has been successfully added to a booking the green payment icon will be displayed.

Payments can be logged against bookings in two ways via Stripe or manually. To set up different payment methods please click here