Triggering Payments

Payments can be triggered against a booking in two ways:

Via Settings>Payments>Deposits - Details of how to set this up can be found here

Via Promotion - Details of how to set this up can be found here

Adding Payments 

 Once - Once payment has been successfully submitted the green payment icon will be displayed.

Payments can be logged against bookings in two ways via Stripe or Manually;

NB: Messages displayed on the payment page and toggle button are only visable if the secure landing page is turned on.


Using Stripe and ResDiary allows you to process card payments via the diary.  If you want to offer your diners an added level of security, when booking with your front of house team, then instead of collecting card details over the phone ResDiary can send the diner a link to a secure landing page (SLP) where they can enter their card details without having to disclose them to anyone.

Via Diary

You can process card payments with stripe through the diary interface.

Request Payment Via Secure Landing Page (SLP)

The landing page is used for when you or your customer do not want to process card payments over the phone. By enabling the secure landing page, customers will be sent an email requesting secure payment to be made before the booking can be confirmed. 

- When the payment has been requested the orange payment icon will be displayed

The landing page can be enabled via Settings>Payments>Stripe Settings. Here you can decide how many hours the guest has to add their payment details, before their booking is automatically removed from the diary.

NB: Once a guest has submitted their payment details they will automatically receive their confirmation e-mail and their booking is secure.

Incomplete bookings

If a guest does not submit their payment details within the required time their booking will be removed from the diary and moved to incomplete bookings, they will also automatically receive a cancellation e-mail.

NB: One hour before the booking is due to be removed from the diary, due to lack of payment, a reminder e-mail will be sent to the customer asking for payment details. 

To view a list of incomplete bookings go to the Dashboard, scroll to the bottom and there will be a list of incomplete bookings.

You can edit the booking to rebook into the diary or mark the booking as read so it no longer appears in the incomplete list.

Manually (does not need Stripe Connection)

You can take payments via cash, chip & pin, bank transfer etc and log them against the appropriate booking to ensure accurate auditing of all payments.

Skipping Payments

You can decide to skip payments if you do not wish to receive them from specific customers.  You can activate this feature in Settings>Payments>Payment Settings and you will also need to ensure individual users have permission to skip payments.

- When the requirement for payment has been skipped by the user the icon will be the red payment icon.

Payment Reporting

Reports> Financial Report> Deposits Report

This report show's all submitted and outstanding payments.  Outstanding payments includes requested and skipped payments.

Additional Status - Outstanding


- The Outstanding icon will replace the payment requested icon, if the guest does not submit payment, in the following scenarios;

1. If card details are already held against the booking.

2. If payment is already held against the booking.

NB These bookings will never be marked as incomplete.