If you've been using your diary and you want to change your opening and closing hours here's a guide to help you:

If you are changing the entire operations of your restaurant (i.e. table changes, timeslot changes) then you might want to create a new segment. See this topic on segments first.


Step 1 - Set your maximum opening and closing hours in Services

Video Walk Through 

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It's best to start with your earliest and latest opening hours - regardless of the days of the week.

So for instance you are opening early on a Sunday and later on a Friday then you will want your services to reflect this.

1) Go to Settings > Services

2) Edit the service you need to extend using the action button

3) In the Service Time Section you will want to edit the From, Until and Last booking time:

4) Press Save!

Now you have your maximum opening and closing hours - next, tweak the days of the week!

Step 2 - Add in Close outs

Now that you have the max opening and max closing set you will want to limit the days that do not have these times available. 

This is achieved with Close Outs (periods of time you do NOT want bookings)

Here is a video to guide you through adding Periodic Close outs.

Video Walkthrough

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These are known as PERIODIC CLOSE OUTS

Go to Settings > Close Outs

or press the Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.57.36.png button then click on 'go to close outs page"


Fully Closed Day

Mode = Periodic

From = Start Date of this change

Until = When this will stop happening (if a permanent change, put 3 years in the future)

Type = Common (both online and internal)

Add Time Interval = Make sure it's the start and end of the day




Close Certain Times on a regular Basis

Pay Attention to the time interval start and end date.


Closed Only in Certain Area(s)

Pay attention to Time Interval and the area.

N.B. Area's will we separated by segment.

If you have more than one area to block you will have to re-edit the close out.


Only Online  

 By changing the Type to Online this will block only online bookings at this time. Internal booking can still go in