This guide will show you how to set your opening and closing times as well as how to vary your hours by day of the week.

If you are changing the entire operations of your restaurant as well as your opening hours (i.e. table layout changes, yield changes, etc.) then you might need to create a new segment.  Click here for a guide on segments.


Step 1 - Set your earliest/latest opening and closing hours in Services

Video Walk Through 

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1) Go to Settings > Services
2) Edit the service you need to extend using the action button

3) In the Service Times Section you will want to edit the From, Until and Last booking time:

It's best to start with your earliest and latest possible opening hours - regardless of days of the week.

For example, if you open at 11:00 Sunday to Thursday and 9:00 Friday to Saturday, you will want to set the 'From' time on your first service (i.e Breakfast) to be 9:00.

The 'Last booking time' field in your last service (i.e. Dinner) controls when the latest possible bookings can be made for.

The 'Until' field of your last service should be set to your 'last booking time' plus the longest average time you allow tables.  This creates space in the diary for your last bookings to fit in but guests can never be booked for later than the 'last booking time'.  

For example, if the latest possible time you are happy for bookings to be seated is 21:30 and the longest time you give your largest tables is 2 hours, you should set the until time of your last service to 23:30 to allow space in the diary for these bookings to fit.

Bookings cannot begin in the grey area of the diary as it is after the 'Last booking time'.

4) Press Save!

Now you have your earliest/latest opening and closing hours - next, vary by days of the week!

Step 2 - Add in Close-Outs

Now that you have your earliest opening and latest closing set you will want to shorten availability for the days that you open later or close earlier. 

This is achieved by adding recurring Close Outs (periods of time you do NOT want bookings) to the beginning and end of days when hours are shorter.  These are known as Periodic Close-Outs.

Adding Periodic Close-Outs

Video Walk Through

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Go to Settings > Close Outs > Add New Period or press the Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.57.36.png button on the main page of the diary then click on 'Go to Close-Outs page' 

The image below shows a recurring close-out for our example from before where the venue opens at 11:00 Sunday - Thursday and 09:00 Friday - Saturday.

Name: This is for your reference and only shows internally

Internal Description: Again, this is for your reference and only shows internally

Message to Customers: Outdated field, can be left blank

Mode: Should be set to periodic to allow a date range to be applied to the close-out

From: The date you would like your new hours to apply from

Until: The date you would like the new hours to end (if your hours are fixed you can set this to be years into the future, you can always come back and edit if plans change)

Days of the week: Select the days of the week when your hours are shorter

Type: Should be set to Common to block availability both online and internally

Color: If these are your regular opening/ closing hours you'll be seeing the close-out in your diary a lot, so choose a color you like! 

Add Time Interval: Set the time range when bookings are not available

Area: Select all unless you have areas which open at different times from each other (in this case you will need to create a close-out for each area)

Click Add to save the close-out

Once you have added your new opening hours you will be returned to the close-outs page.  From here you can click Add New Period to repeat the process if you also need to add new closing hours or service breaks

Click here for a guide with more information on periodic close-outs


Step 3 - Update Your Microsite

Now that you have updated your opening hours within the diary you'll want make sure your guests find the correct details when they search for you online.   To change your opening hours on your ResDiary Microsite ( go to Settings > Details > Information > Info > Opening Times > Enter your new opening times > Save

You should also make sure you update your opening hours anywhere else you have them listed online i.e. your own website and social media pages.