Creating a new segment in ResDiary allows for you to select a date or date range during which you require various aspects of your diary to change and different rules and settings to apply.

 This can include applying different opening and closing times, different settings for yield management, table joins and various other rules.

 To set up a new segment that is different to your normal operations refer to the video guide below.

Video Walkthrough

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Step 1 - Edit the existing segment

Go to Settings  > Segments

2) Identify the Segment which includes the date or date ranges that you wish to set up as a separate operation.

You will see the label  blob1476619482749.png  to indicate the present segment 

3) Click 'Edit' Icon

4) Select the same start date as the date range which your new operation is included within.

5) Select the end date as the day before your new operation is to commence.  For example, if you are setting up a Valentines Day operation the end date would be the 13th February.

6) With amended date ranges in place, delete the date range to be replace by clicking the trash can symbol  

7) Ensure that you now add an additional date that resumes your normal operations when your segment ends. For example if the segment is Valentines day then make sure you have the date range starting 15th February and the end date range in the future.

8) Complete the amendment to your normal operations by clicking 'Save'



Step 2 - Create the new segment

10) From the segments overview screen, click 'Create New'


11) Enter both a name and description

12) Enter both a name and description. This is for your own reference only.

13) Select 'Finite Range'

 Enter the date ranges for your new segment, if the error message regarding an overlap shows, return to Step 1

15) From the drop down titled 'Inherit Areas from Existing Segment' e nsure that you now choose the 'Normal Operations'

16) By firstly ticking the box beside 'Services' and then 'Areas' continue to tick all boxes that covers your restaurant setup.

NB: Even if you intend to continue to changes these sections, it is far easier to amend the existing diary setup than starting from scratch

17) Complete the addition of the new segment by clicking 'Save'

17) Whenever creating a new segment the bookings within will be unallocated and will need to be restored manually.

On the diary dates where there are unallocated bookings, click the red 'Seat All' button to restore all bookings to the diary.

See the guide to unallocated bookings here.

Now you can go ahead an edit this particular segment without affecting the other segment!

See below links for editing;