Charging for a 'No-Show' or 'Late Cancellation'

Once you have set up with Stripe and set up your Tokenization (credit-card storage) requirement for booking, you may then require to enforce your cancellation or no-show policy by charging customers the amount that they will have agreed to via the terms and conditions you have set.

*If you haven't yet signed up to Stripe then firstly see the article here.

To charge customers who have provided card details:
  1. Click on the 'Edit New Process' button for any booking.
  2. Continue to select the 'Payments' button
  3. Select 'Charge Card' 
  4. Enter the amount and description 
  5. You can now click 'Charge'
  6. Now click 'Save'

Cancelling and marking the cancellation reason


You can edit the existing cancellation reasons and set up your own custom types by going to Settings>>Cancellation Types

This payment will be processed straight away, to now record this action, proceed to cancel the booking and mark the reason as 'No show - Card Charged'