ResDiary Set Up 

When you fist join ResDiary, we'll send you an email with a link to create your diary. This contains the basic information you'll need to make a diary template. Don't worry if you have a complicated setup that won't fit into the sections of the document, we can make tweaks during your setup session with the team. 

Please see guides with top tips below;

Table Joins | Tell us tables you would place your larger bookings on you can also use this to specify which combinations to sell first.  *Tip Rank your joins to ensure the diary sells preferred seating first

Table Rankings | Tell us which individual tables you want to sell first.  *Tip Sell tables which can not be joined first to ensure you have space for those larger bookings.  Great News! We have already implemented this when building your diary.

Rules | Review your Rules.  Rules are in place to ensure that you don't short sell tables *Tip you can also implement large party booking rules to optimise your availability by preventing large party bookings blocking your peak times.

Services | Adjust your flexible table duration time, inform customers of leave times and control your peak times using yield management. *Tip Move away from that bottle neck service and use your Yield Management to reduce availability at peak times - pushing your customers to arrive a little earlier or a little later achieving that hour glass service to re-sell your tables.

Post-setup document:

Users | Add all of your users to the diary to control which staff can access certain settings and to track who has made changes. 

Adding Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

GDPR I  Click here for more information on how you can customise your data retention perid.

Menus and Payments

Promotions | Inform your customers of special events or menus whether it be Afternoon Tea, Pre-Theatre, Tasting Menus or seasonal activity.  * Tip - We can provide you with a unique booking link to the promotion which you can use to include in any of your marketing mailers

Payments | Take payment/deposits using Stripe (PCI Compliant).  *Tip store card details/take deposits and implement a 'no show' 'late cancellation' policy during peak days to deter no shows.

Ipad App

Download the ResDiary Plus App for access to the in service Ipad app. Please note, this app is to be used an in service tool and is there for making, editing and cancelling bookings. 

Click here for our ipad training videos

Go Online

You will receive a seperate email after your initial training with information on how to activate your diary for online bookings.  Please contact us if you can't locate this email.