ResDiary Set Up 

Features are available to allow you to mould ResDiary to your operation and optimise your business.

Please see guides with top tips below;

Table Joins | Tell us tables you would place your larger bookings on you can also use this to specify which combinations to sell first.  *Tip Rank your joins to ensure the diary sells preferred seating first

Table Rankings | Tell us which individual tables you want to sell first.  *Tip Sell tables which can not be joined first to ensure you have space for those larger bookings.  Great News! We have already implemented this when building your diary.

Rules | Review your Rules.  Rules are in place to ensure that you don't short sell tables *Tip you can also implement large party booking rules to optimise your availability by preventing large party bookings blocking your peak times.

Services | Adjust your flexible table duration time, inform customers of leave times and control your peak times using yield management.  *Tip  Move away from that bottle neck service and use your Yield Management to reduce availability at peak times - pushing your customers to arrive a little earlier or a little later achieving that hour glass service to re-sell your tables.

Adding Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

Menus and Payments

Promotions | Inform your customers of special events or menus whether it be Afternoon Tea, Pre-Theatre, Tasting Menus or seasonal activity.  * Tip - We can provide you with a unique booking link to the promotion which you can use to include in any of your marketing mailers

Payments | Take payment/deposits using Stripe (PCI Compliant).  *Tip store card details/take deposits and implement a 'no show' 'late cancellation' policy during peak days to deter no shows.

Go Online

Step 1 |  Pass the online widget/book button to your web team - This is provided immediately after your initial training contact for further details.

Step 2 |  Click here to activate your diary for online bookings 

Step 3 |  Social Networks, Facebook, Google, Twitter

*  Top Tip - Track your bookings using Google Analytics


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