Table Management - Services 

Services allow you to modify your service hours, stay duration, leave time rules, and yield management. 

Basic Settings

To access Services, go to 

  • Settings 
  • Table Management 
  • Services.

Choose the Segment you'd like to update. Find out more about Segments, here.

Service Tab



Here, you can edit things like the name, description, change the service’s status, and map it to another service. 

2.Service Times 

This allows you to edit the times of the service. Set the From and Until times, remembering that Last booking time must leave enough time after Until to accommodate the Average Time. Eg: if your last booking time is 22.00 and you give 90 minutes at the table, you must set Until to be at least 23.30. 

3.Minimum Booking Time is the minimum amount of time at the table, and Interval sets the distance between bookable slots. 

4.Turn Time, sets the amount of time between one booking ending and another beginning so you can turn the table. 

5.Online Booking Restriction Decide whether you want to turn off online bookings a specific amount of time prior to service or the customers’ visit. If you restrict by service by 60 minutes, this will stop any last minute, on the day bookings an hour before that service is set to begin. If you restrict by visit by 60 minutes, this will allow customers to book last minute (if you have availability), however the venue will have a minimum of an hours notices before that reservation arrives. 

Average Time Rules Tab

Your setting on the main Services page will be the default average time that customers receive at tables. However, this page allows you to vary this by covers, days, and times. Useful for turning tables quickly on busy nights and allowing more time on quiet ones. 

For example, if you wanted to give tables of 6+ three hours at the table, but only on a Saturday night should they book from 7pm onwards, the rule would look like this; 

Time Flex

This setting allows venues to vary their average time for a percentage of bookings if they know a number of their reservations will stay for less time than their allocated slot. Great for experienced managers who are confident manually shuffling their bookings to get more turns from their tables. 

If you set this to 20% at 60 minutes (when usually it’s 90 minutes), the  system sends everyone confirmation emails for a 90 minute allocation, but actually gives 20% of them 60 minutes in the Diary. It can sound a little daunting but is very effective at filling space if you’re confident with the diary. 

Leave Time Rules Tab

Leave time confirmations inform diners that you require their table back at a certain time. This is configurable to help maximise space when you have high demand for tables. Leave Time Rules can be set for specific party sizes, on certain days, or at different times. 

Multiple complementary rules can be set up to allow you total flexibility.
If this rule is activated, customers will be informed of the time you would like their table back during the online booking process and in their email confirmations. 

Yield Management Tab

This setting allows you to manage the amount of covers/bookings that can be booked at any particular time slot to smooth out your service and stop any bottlenecks. 

The question this setting configures is - per time slot (eg every 15 minutes)- how many people can you meet, greet and seat, how many drinks can your bar team make and deliver and make how many people can your kitchen feed per time slot? 
This setting allows you to completely design the flow of your service. 

You can set this by Bookings or Covers, or run both at the same time. Whatever limit is hit first will apply. Eg: if you set 10 covers or 5 bookings, the diary will not accept more reservations when your cover limit has been hit, even if you have only taken 3 bookings. 

By clicking into Bookings or Covers under Actions, you can vary this by specific timeslots on different days. The Max Value on the from Yield Management page will always override the figure in Actions, so these need to be less than the Max Value

Bear in mind that the settings you input in eg: lunch service, won't replicate in dinner or breakfast. You'll need to update each separately.