Basic Settings

Services can be altered by admin users by accessing SETTINGS>SERVICES.

Services can be altered  'PER SEGMENT'.

They also should be set to show the earliest opening time and the latest close regardless of day of the week. You will use close outs afterward to adjust later opening and earliest close.

Please follow these steps to access the SERVICES page.

    • Log in to ResDiary.
    • Select SETTINGS then SERVICES
    • You will now have the option to select an OPERATIONS (Segment) This refers to the date range the service runs in.
    • You will now see the SERVICE names i.e. BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER etc... or the ADD button
    • Select the service you wish to edit by selecting EDIT.

Setting Booking Duration

Setting the duration that you give each party size is essential to getting the best use of your tables when you have high demand and increases the pace of service to ensure higher turn over. With ResDiary you can vary your booking duration via any combination of the following:

  • Service
  • Party Size
  • Day of Week
  • Time of Day
  • Unique Date Range

Flexible Table Duration Allocations

Requested by Salvos Restaurant, we’ve named this new functionality ‘The Salvos Rule’.  

This is an advanced setting for experienced managers who are comfortable manually shuffling the table plan, knowing that a percentage of their diners stay for less time than they are allocated. The Diary can now automatically shorten the duration of a percentage of tables by party size, safely freeing up availability in your diary for more bookings.

How Flexible Table Duration works:

  1. You know from experience that 50% of your 4 tops booked between 17:00 - 18:30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights will not take 90 minutes but only 60 mins.

  2. The system sends out confirmation emails confirming all tables are allocated 90 minutes but allocates 50% of them 60 minutes in the Diary.

  3. This allows you to take more bookings and rely less on walk ins to fill the gaps.

Note: This requires your staff to shuffle tables on the night according to availability



Setting Leave Time Required Confirmation 

Leave time confirmation is used to inform diners that you require their table back at a certain time. It is a configurable setting that allows you to only inform diners when you have high demand for tables and when you expect to be able to turn and reuse a table.

The configuration can be done uniquely for: 

  • Dates (via Segments) 
  • Services
  • Party Size
  • Day of Week
  • Time of Day

Multiple complementary rules can be setup to allow you total flexibility.


Covers per Time Slot Restrictions (Yield Management)

Allows you to manage the amount of covers/bookings that can be booked at any particular time slot so that you can rest assured that maximum covers are booked without adversely effecting the quality of our service.

In Settings>Services>Yield Management you can apply the following: 
1. Apply different rules dependent on segment 
2. Run simultaneous Cover and Booking Rules. 
3. Apply different values to each 
> Day 
> Time Slot 
> Day+Time Slot